Tawhiti School is situated on the outskirts of Hawera. Twelve classrooms operate daily. The school is well resourced with excellent facilities.
Our Charter and Handbook are attached below to give you further information about our school. 

What makes Tawhiti special?
Quality learning programmes, passionate teachers who build positive relationships, and strong outdoor education, arts, and cultural programmes.

Learning Programmes
Our goal is for all children leaving Tawhiti to be literate and numerate. Through enjoyable high quality learning opportunities, children become independent motivated learners striving to achieve their personal best. Improving literacy and numeracy student outcomes are a priority at Tawhiti.

At Tawhiti we provide a supportive and caring environment. We recognise that all children develop at different rates. Our school programme caters for these individual needs. We have programmes such as HPP (reading to programme that develops children’s oral language), PMP (Perceptual motor programme), rainbow reading, accelerated learning in mathematics and reading recovery. All of these programmes support those children who need that extra help to achieve success. As well as specialist programmes, every class has a learning assistant to help support all children in their learning from 9am-1pm. We also have gifted and talented programmes in literacy, numeracy, Te Reo Maori and ICT.

E-Learning is plays a large role in the day to day teaching and learning programmes happening in classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with PC's, laptops, ipads, and interactive whiteboards.

Ready for School
This programme is available to all children turning 4 who will be attending Tawhiti School at age 5 years. Ready for School introduces children to literacy and numeracy concepts. At these sessions parents/caregivers will be given ideas and resources to support children's learning at home. Ready for School also allows children to form a relationship with their teacher, making their transition to school easy.
This programme runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:00-3:00pm and children must be accompanied by their parent/caregiver.

Behaviour Management
We are a 'Positive Behaviour for Learning' school. At Tawhiti School we teach our children to have an A1 attitude towards themselves, others and the environment. Teaching and rewarding positive behaviour is part of the culture of our school. All children work towards achieving their bronze, silver and gold awards each year. When reaching each of these milestones they are awarded with certificates, collectable wrist bands and ultimately a gold A1 attitude badge.
We are also a Restorative Justice school. This means that should instances occur between children we move through a process where children accept responsibility for the affects of their actions and move towards genuinely removing the hurt caused to all those involved.
A ‘No Put Down’ programme is in place and is delivered to all classrooms. This is a ‘non bullying’ programme that teaches the importance of being ‘put up children’, taught by our principal, Chris Riley. It focuses on making the right choices, and how to deal with difficult situations. It builds our children into resilient people who are able to cope with what life offers. At Tawhiti School we do not tolerate bullying of any kind: physical, verbal or social. We have a peer mediation programme in place that supports ‘No Put Downs’. All Year 6 children are trained mediators and are available to help sort small issues during morning teas and lunches.

Tawhiti Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour Plan


Education Outside the Classroom
Education outside the classroom is very much to the fore at Tawhiti School. The school year starts with a ‘rolling camp’ at Lake Rotorangi (Patea Dam) where children stay overnight in tents. The activities they experience include waterskiing, kayaking, abseiling, archery and rafting. The ‘rolling camp’ is in place so that the children and their new teacher can get to know one another and develop a positive relationship, setting the scene for a successful year.
All year groups from Year 0 to Year 5 experience a camp at the end of the year while our Year 6 children head out mid-year to hit the slopes on Mt Ruapehu.

The 'Arts'
The Arts are a huge part of what makes Tawhiti unique! Every year we do a production at Hawera's Community Theatre. This involves each child participating in acting, dancing and singing within a class item. It is a must see! Every two years we also participate in the J Rock Stage Challenge.

Kapa Haka
We have a kapa haka group that practises weekly with Matua Andy. They perform in our assembly as well as at some local events. All children are also exposed to Kapa Haka through whole school sessions fortnightly. Our kapa haka support Matua Andy to lead these sessions. 
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