Positive Behaviour for Learning

We are a 'Positive Behaviour for Learning' school.

Our school values guide our behaviour management system and we teach our children to have an A1 attitude towards:

  • themselves
  • others
  • the environment.

Teaching and rewarding positive behaviour is part of the culture of our school.

We have some specific expectations (show me 5) for various areas and events within the school. These 'show me 5' expectations all link back to having an A1 attitude to self, others and the environment and are explicitly taught within our classroom programmes.

Restorative Justice

We are also a Restorative Justice school. This is a relationships based approach to dealing with problem behaviour. Should instances occur between children or children are displaying problem behaviours we have a WARM conversation. During this conversation we move through a process where children accept responsibility for the effects of their actions and move towards genuinely removing the hurt caused to all those involved.

Our WARM conversation follows the following format:

What - What has happened?

Affect - How is this behaviour affecting others?

Repair - What do you need to do to fix things now?

Move Forward - What support do you need to make sure this doesn’t happen again today and in the future?

After the conversation there is a follow up. This provides the opportunity to touch base with the student (or students) and ensures that those who have caused the harm have understood the agreement to repair the harm with those affected. It also creates an opportunity to affirm the efforts made by the student to repair the harm and to consider next steps if the terms of the agreement have not been met.

No Put Downs

A ‘No Put Down’ programme is in place and is delivered to all classrooms. This is a ‘non bullying’ programme that teaches the importance of being ‘put up children’, taught by our principal, Chris Riley. It focuses on making the right choices, and how to deal with difficult situations. It builds our children into resilient people who are able to cope with what life offers. At Tawhiti School we do not tolerate bullying of any kind: physical, verbal or social. We have a peer mediation programme in place that supports ‘No Put Downs’. All Year 6 children are trained mediators and are available to help sort small issues during morning teas and lunches.