The Tawhiti Way

Our Vision

Our vision - 'a caring place for lifelong learning'.

We want to develop in our children a passion for learning and a curiosity that will last a lifetime. We want them to leave our school as active and engaged learners who have the skills, attitudes and competencies to seize opportunities, contribute to our community, and achieve to their potential. The caring aspect of our vision reflects the importance we place on relationships.

Our Values

Our values are encompassed into the A1 attitude attribute of our Tawhiti Learner. At Tawhiti School learners are encouraged to develop an A1 attitude to self, others and the environment.

Self - This value encompasses the idea of excellence and integrity. We want our children to value themselves as learners and people, to strive for progress and to act in honest and responsible ways.

Others - This value encompasses the idea of manaakitanga. We want our learners to treat others with kindness and respect and build positive relationships for learning and life.

Environment - This value encompasses the idea of kaitiakitanga; caring for our environment so it is around for generations to come.

Our Learner Qualities

Our Tawhiti Learner Qualities reflect the capabilities that we see as essential for lifelong learning and are central to learning in all curriculum areas. As learners progress through our school they will develop in these competencies and make use of them to be successful in whatever it is that they are setting out to do.


This capability is about* asking questions* thinking critically and creatively* generating ideas and solutions* making connections* reflectingThis capability is linked to the inquiry process that our learners use during our STEAM learning.


Being an effective communicator means our learners can: * listen actively* negotiate with others* share their ideas in a variety of ways including digitally.

Team Player

Being a team player means that learners can work, interact and play effectively with others. Team players:* participate* contribute* collaborate

Self Manager

This capability or quality is linked to attitude. It is about:* Aiming high* Persevering* Prioritising* Setting and meeting goals