Enrolment Zone for Tawhiti

We currently have an enrolment scheme in place at Tawhiti School.

Our home zone can be viewed below...

Please note where streets and road mark the border of the zone students on both sides of the street will be in zone.

What does a ‘zone’ mean?

* Any child within our home zone has the right to enrol at our school.

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

* Those children out of zone will go into a ballot system if there are places available.

How do you enrol if you live out of zone?

If you live out of zone and wish to enrol at our school you will need to call into the office and complete a pre-enrolment form.

Children who have a sibling at our school but live out of zone are our first priority when accepting enrolments via ballot.

If you are living out of zone and do not have any siblings you can still fill in a pre enrolment form and are eligible for a balloted place once we have accommodated all our siblings.

When do the ballots occur?

Our ballot date for 2017 is Monday 8th May so all pre enrolments need to be completed by Friday 5th May. We have places for Year 0/1 students.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome after the ballot.

If you have any queries regarding our zone